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Part 3: Change Management: Creating the Mental Space for Your Team

Leadership and a Confident Communicator


In my previous BLOG Empower the Leader Inside YOU! The Core of the Matter, I discussed the essential relationship between a leader/manager of an organization to be successful. Additionally, in my Blog Part 1: The Business of Doing Business – Communication Processes, actual person-to-person communication is the fuel that makes the engine of the process work. In my Blog  Part 2: The Empathetic Listener in Business WINS Every Time, I tackled the subject of listening skills and how working towards mastering this skill builds integrity and trust. This week, we will go even deeper into being a more confident communicator and learn from a businesswoman whose goal is to create the space for change in her business.  

I want to introduce you to Staci Cahill. You can find her on LinkedIn –  Staci Cahill. She is a Holistic Health Coach and Wellness Advocate with doTerra. She has been helping others learn how the ancient use of essential oils can improve a person’s quality of life, health, and wellness. 

Talking with Staci was a treat. She is passionate about her life and business; however, when COVID hit our nation, her life and business changed drastically, just like many small business owners. Because her business is mainly in person with individuals and groups, it created multiple challenges: 

  • She could no longer do one or two wellness classes a week and one monthly in-person meeting.
  • Her team now had to switch from doing a business side hustle to becoming school teachers and caretakers or finding other ways to bring in income. 
  • Together they had to change and relearn how to do business differently.

Learning to MANAGE THE CHANGE has always seemed strange to me. I have always looked at it differently. Whether I am working THROUGH a change in my personal or professional life, it’s never about managing. It is a consistent dedication to the change I am making.

Staci exemplifies what it means to work through change. Many of her clients and team members are picking up the pieces and making business and personal changes. She works to honor herself and others in their personal and professional journeys. This requires creating the communication space necessary to work THROUGH change, rebuild and grow.

Staci admits this is a work in progress; however, it is work worth pursuing.

She is a skilled communicator and continues to learn and grow as he helps her team move forward into the future. 

Like Staci, you can learn and grow to be a skilled communicator and create a space for change.

Here are three things you can do now to start. 

  1. Create a creative and safe space where all are listened to respectively. Being listened to is done so with interest and warmth.
  2. Take the time to do the work so concerns are expressed and validated.
  3. Explore all the options so moving forward with the change can be done with the least amount of resistance.

I know YOU can do it! Be an example to your business. Creating the communication tool for mental space will make a difference when changes have to be made.

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