Self Care for Women is Important

Why is Self Care Important for Women?

WHY is it as WOMEN, we always have time to take care of others and not ourselves?


When we take the time to take care of ourselves, why do we feel guilty for taking even a small amount of time for self care necessary for us to be healthier and happier? I know I am so ready to get off the GUILT TRAIN! 


Having responsibility for others can take its toll physically, mentally, and spiritually. All my life, I have had seasons of responsibilities for others. My kids, grandkids, and parents. I do struggle with balancing my self care with the care of those I have been called to serve. 


Ok, just to be clear, Self Care is NOT:

  • Retail Therapy
  • Binge-watching TV shows
  • Eating Comfort Food 

I have told myself that it is “Self Care,” but IT is NOT! It is a way for me to avoid what is at the Core of my discomfort, my dis-ease, or my avoidance. 


What I have learned is that Self Care is intentionally taking care of me.

  • My Health
  • My Mind (mental) Health
  • My Spiritual (soul) Life

When I intentionally drink one extra glass of water or go for a walk, I improve my health.

When I intentionally read a book, visit with a friend, or learn a new skill, I improve my mind.

When I internationally speak my gratitude, forgive others, give praise, and offer up prayers (meditate), I improve my spiritual (soul) life.


Changing your focus and saying YES to YOU and NO to avoidance, discomfort, and dis-ease will produce over time a healthier, happier life. 


How do I change the focus? 

  • I am my values. If I value my health I will choose to take a step towards its health.
  • I am my values. If I value my mind I will choose to take a step towards its health.
  • I am my values. If I value my spiritual life I will choose to take a step towards its health.


I have learned that when I change my focus and say YES to ME, I now have the right energy to take care of others, run a business, and serve my community without GUILT.

Are You riding on the GUILT WAGON and want to get OFF? 

Do you want to CHANGE YOUR FOCUS and change your life?


Set up a Discovery Call, and let’s see how together we can get you OFF THE GUILT TRAIN and CHANGE your focus so you can CHANGE your LIFE. 


I want to help YOU cultivate YOUR success!


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