Professional with Excellent Communication Skills

WANTED: Professionals with Excellent Communication Skills!

Every job posting that comes in my emails needs someone with excellent communication skills. Organizations today need individuals who can effectively and efficiently use technology to communicate. It is the way PROFITS happen! NEWS FLASH! Communication is more than a software skill.

Advancements in communication technology are coming faster than ever, it has helped our world to advance in many ways, but there is a tradeoff. Even though it’s fast,  THE BAD IS, we have learned not to listen and engage. When you are in business to make a profit, you still need to create and cultivate the skill of communication with coworkers and customers. It’s a fact! Whether it is by phone, zoom, or web ex., or face to face communication, you must engage others to get the job done!

Most of the time in a conversation people are just trying to be heard. No time is usually spent to understand the other person in the conversation.

Being aware of how I listen and learning how to “listen to understand others” was eye opening. It started my lifelong journey of self-improvement. Before I learned to listen to understand, I was often frustrated. I felt people were not understanding me. When I flipped the switch in my mind things changed. Understanding others first gave me the opportunity to be heard.

What we all want is to be heard. It gives us validation and confidence. To be heard we must take the time to LISTEN AND UNDERSTAND the other person.

Here is a TIP to Help you Cultivate your Listening Skill: Give the other person the same respect you want them to give you!

It may sound easy but it’s harder than you think. Try it for a day and tell me how it went!

LISTENING IS A SKILL that can be taught. LEADERS ARE LISTENERS! Cultivating your skills leads to successful outcomes!

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