Teamwork & Trust - Important

Teamwork and Trust- Is it Important?

  • By Dorothy Zevenbergen – Owner Cultivate Consulting
  • Creating Communication Connections Between Individuals and the Organizations they Serve

We all work in teams. There are so many ways to help a team FORM, STORM, NORM, AND PERFORM.  So, what makes the difference between functional and a dysfunctional team? It has been my experience that TRUST is the ingredient needed to cultivate a functional team. Teamwork takes

  • Transparency- All members bring their best to the team. No one holds back information regarding the project
  • Reliable – All members can be counted on. If there is a challenge it is brought up before the group and worked out.
  • Understanding- Give each other space to be understood and listen to understand the other views in the group.
  • Serving Others- Give each team member care and concern and help each other learn and grow from the experience.
  • Teachable- Each member can learn from each other. Feedback can be given and taken with respect. An open mind and heart can be the best asset to learn and grow.

Taking the time to TRUST your team can help you and your teams to be more functional, happier and more productive.

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