Servant Leadership - Actions to Cultivate and Serve

Servant Leadership: Three Actions to Cultivate your Container, Stand on Your Platform, and Serve

Cultivate your BEST and leave the REST.

By Dorothy Zevenbergen – Cultivate Consulting

There is a dynamic between servant and leader. Sometimes we are called to serve and other times we are called to lead. As a servant leader, there are three actions you can take today to cultivate the best in yourself.

Action One: Cultivate Your Faith

Everyone has faith in something. Cultivating it takes work and consistency. If you feel you have lost your faith in ______, (whatever yours is) take direct steps to investigate why you have lost it and begin to rebuild that faith.

Action Two: Cultivate Your Relationships

We as humans are built for relationships. It is hard-wired into our DNA. Difficulty in relationships causes difficulties in life. Identify why there is difficulty and take steps to fix it. Ask yourself what do I need to do (that is in myself) to cultivate better relationships?

Action Three: Cultivate your Self-Awareness and Self-Care

Your life is busy. You desire some time off, to get some exercise, eat better, or binge on Netflix while eating ice cream. Be aware that what you cultivate you create? Are you aware that self-care is more than getting satisfaction at the moment? It is what you do every day that builds a healthy life. Taking time every day to improve your life is especially important for long-term results.

Cultivation of your faith, relationships, and self-awareness will result in giving the best to yourself and to others. Additionally, is important to:

  • Be intentional in taking action to change.
  • Create congruence in all three actions.
  • Change when you decide to change.

Are you ready for a change? Are you ready to act? Are you ready to cultivate your best and leave the rest? Contact me today to find out how my Stand on Your Platform and Serve Program can help you do just that!


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