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Leadership and a Confident Communicator

A four-part series highlighting business owners and their communication


April is here, and it is time to cultivate a new beginning, new growth, and new ideas. I am so excited to bring you this series of blogs this month highlighting business owners and their communication styles, challenges, and successes. In preparation this week, I want to highlight the difference between the systems we use every day to communicate business and how communication is used in the conversations necessary to create, clarify and synergize a business.      

As many of you know, I am a gardener. It is time to prepare the soil for the seed, dig up the weeds, and clean up any unwanted stuff lying around. Like my garden being a leader in my community, it is time for me to do a review of my first-quarter growth and challenges. In most people’s businesses, metrics and KPIs are the boss. They are the tools used to evaluate if the business is healthy. They are valuable, however, many businesses undervalue the tool of communication and its importance in the true health of an organization

When I say tool of communication, I am not talking about the systems you use to communicate. The systems (phone, fax, email, social media, websites, etc.) are great tools and help us every day in the business world. But they cannot have a 1 to 1 conversation, create and innovate ideas within a group, or create synergy for a project. When you are a leader of a team, an entire organization, or something in between, how you listen to and talk to others matters. It is the one value that is never truly or accurately measured in most organizations, but when your metrics are not what you want them to be, a breakdown in communication is usually the culprit.

Over the next four weeks, I will be talking with business owners about how they communicate with their teams, how they choose to show up as a leader in their organization, and what challenges they face running their business.

How are you showing up as a leader in your organization?

What part of communication do you feel you could use some help in?

I’m here to listen. Contact me today to set up a free discovery call and strategy session to help you with your communication needs. 


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