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Part 2: The Empathetic Listener in Business WINS Every Time

Leadership and a Confident Communicator


In my previous BLOG Empower the Leader Inside YOU! The Core of the Matter, I discussed the essential relationship between a leader/manager of an organization for being successful. Additionally, in my Blog Part One: The Business of Doing Business – Communication Processes, actual person-to-person communication is the fuel that makes the engine of the process work. In this article, I will go a bit deeper into what makes a more confident communicator and introduce you to a leader in the insurance business.

I want to introduce to you John Bick of John Bick – Farmers Insurance Agent in Renton, WA. If you look him up online, you will see his “ABOUT ME” information. He says, “I help customers like you identify the insurance coverage that best fits your needs. This process is straightforward and personalized to help make you smarter about insurance.” Many people would look at that quote and think, “does he really want to help me,” or “straightforward, nothing about insurance is straightforward?” John is the real deal, and he cares about his clients as well as his staff. One of the communication tools John uses to set himself apart from his competitors is his ability to listen empathetically. 

John’s leadership communication style is direct in nature. He sets expectations and gives constructive feedback. He believes that processes are the key to getting out of the weeds, and it saves the 1 to 1 communication. It allows the team to prioritize, be more efficient, and circle back to the day. Processes are key for him, but he understands what his clients and potential clients need in insurance. Additionally, helping them find other resources to assist them in their life needs is a passion of John’s. When you call him for help, he is there to listen and serve. 

If you google listening skills/types, all sorts of definitions will come up. Each article will have a different take on each type. But for this BLOG, I will keep it simple (I hope).

What I mean by truly listening is Empathetic Listening. For me, it is a combination of three types of styles:

  • Active listening: to build the relationship
  • Empathetic listening: to embrace the emotion
  • Compassionate listening: with the intention to help

In order to have the Win in Business relationships every time, this three-pronged critical skill is essential to learn and master:

  1. Everyone does more business with people who “GET” them.
  2. If you take the time to help someone feel heard, valued, and even comforted, you build trust.
  3. When you are listening with the intention to help the other person, you build integrity. 

In talking with John, I know he is in constant learning mode to master this skill. It was such an honor and privilege to discuss his business and allow me to write about the communication tools he uses to have a WIN IN BUSINESS every time.

Do you want to have a WIN IN BUSINESS every time? 

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