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In our world today, we are all struggling personally and professionally with all the extra demands that are placed on our time, mental energy and physical resources. We can stretch ourselves to the point of crazy, and not even know how we got there. As servants and leaders in our communities, we can overextend ourselves and leave our own self-care behind. Serving yourself first, so you can serve others is a vital component to leadership. That is why healthy boundaries is a vital communication tool for anyone in a leadership position. Do you know the difference of who you are responsible FOR and who you are responsible TO? Do you know what your responsibility IS and what IS NOT? If you do know, do you know how to effectively communicate it to others? Well if you answered “Well Maybe” or “NO” to any of these questions,  Let Cultivate Consulting Enable you to Empower yourself and your organization.

When partnering with Cultivate Consulting you will:

  • Build solid Character to improve your personal and professional life 100%.
  • Create People First skills to create opportunity and growth in others.
  • Establish and execute clear professional boundaries to become a Skilled Communicator.
  • Build communication pathways that Collaborate Compassionately focused on purpose and mission.
  • Discover how Foresight skills to create your future. can have more to do with your past and present than you think.
  • Use Systems Thinking to see the big picture. Examining Deeper your strategy, culture, and belief systems.
  • Create a culture of Accountability that delegates and accepts responsibly, shares power and control through learning the concept of Moral Authority.

When partnering with Cultivate Consulting I will match your commitment in the process.

Sign up today contact me at dorothy@cultivateconsultants.com. I’m excited to start this journey together.


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