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Vision Board

Create a vision board that is more than a piece of paper on a wall.

Innovation and intuition will guide you to:
RENEW - Your Purpose
REFRESH - Your Heart
REVIVE - Your Passion


Say YES and Mean It!

Understanding what a boundary is, how to create, set, and maintain healthy boundaries.

Goal Setting

Take Action with Intention

Crystalize your vision with intention. Learn strategies to co-create your vision. Achieve results through personal infrastructures.

The Heart of Leadership

Learn the Basics

Learn how it can positively change you, your team, and your organization.


Talk Less Listen More!

Learn skills to be confident in your communication.

1 Hour Consulting Session

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Cultivate Your Success - 4 Week Coaching Program

Designed for Success - $600

What is Included:

  • One-on-One Coaching Support
  • Weekly “WHAT’S NEXT” & Encouragement Emails
  • Call & Text Support

Topics we will Cover:

WEEK 1: Empower the Leader Inside You
WEEK 2: Your Vision, Your Goal, Your Purpose
WEEK 3: Create, Set, & Maintain Healthy Boundaries
WEEK 4: The Secret Sauce to Great Communication

This program will jump start you in creating a strategy to change, implement, and be accountable!

Hiring a business and leadership consultant shouldn't be difficult.

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