5 Communication Habits that Will Help Leaders Navigate The Re-Entry Process Post Pandemic

Just over a year ago the world started to come to a halt because of a deadly virus. Where I live,  we are getting ready to open fully on June 30th. As a manager  in your organization, creating a healthy environment for your team is more than cleaning the office and filtering the air. This is also the perfect time to clean up your organization’s communication skills too! 

But first, you need to recognize that not all of your team will be “excited “ to return. Why? Because of “Re- Entry Anxiety,” for one and also… Some employees really enjoyed nixing their commute and working from home. You may wonder what this has to do with communication skills, and — as a seasoned veteran focused on communication issues — the answer is,  “everything.”

As a leader  in your organization it is vital you acknowledge  your team’s anxiety and find ways for all of them to communicate this to you and to the team. Throughout my career, I have embraced and taught five lessons that have changed my life as a leader, motivator, and effective communicator. I offer them to you   below so that you can make the most of this opportunity to resume “business as usual:”

  • Clearly communicate the vision/ purpose for others to see. As a leader you will want to enthusiastically welcome your team back as well as clearly communicate why it is important to bring the team back under one roof.
  •  Embrace change as a means to grow professionally. Show your team how you are embracing the change of the commute, working in the office with them, and how you are working through challenges
  •  Be kinder and gentler to others, everyone is going through something. Be aware of others’ feelings and offer encouragement, and have a list of resources to assist team members. .
  •  Strengthen, maintain and defend professional boundaries. Start over and work with your team to define: Why you are back in the building, and  how the team will work together.
  •  Cultivate and maintain healthy relationships.It comes down to trust. Do you trust your team and do they trust you? If you are unsure. Take the time to work through it and discover why.

 If you are reading this and could use a subjective and expert “sounding board” to discuss your own re-entry communication plan  (and YES! You should have one!), I do a limited number of no cost strategy sessions each week!  To schedule, contact me today at www.cultivateconsultants.com


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