I Cultivate Individuals

for a Lifetime of Leadership without Compromising Your Dreams, Values, or Goals

Leadership Training with Dorothy, Cultivate Consultants

I Cultivate Individuals

for a Lifetime of Leadership without Compromising Your Dreams, Values, or Goals

Review Your Business

Review Your Business

Mapping your organization to highlight congruence in messaging. Our first priority is always ensuring that your business is primed for success.

Organizational Audit

Organizational Audit

Interview individuals, Review Information flow both internally and externally, Create, and Administer Communication Survey.

Workshops, Individual, Grow Business

Workshops / Individual

Cultivate Consulting is a business built on and fueled by passion. That is why we offer amazing workshops to help your business grow.

Take Your Business To The Next Level

Cultivate Consulting is focused on offering small and medium businesses high-quality, one-to-one consulting services at a reasonable cost! With a broad experience base (ranging from the hospitality sector to corporate boardrooms), we are intimately familiar with a range of leadership styles and approaches.

Cultivating Individuals for a Lifetime of Leadership

For over a decade, I have been developing leaders using a proprietary and nuanced servant leadership model that cultivates a container for growth, the capacity to strengthen skills, and the competence to lead the future workforce. A graduate of Gonzaga University, my career marries education, experience and passion for the critical role of clear and effective communication within an organization. With an eye for growth and a heart for service, I offer creative and applicable strategies for business development and personal growth.

If you are needing new tools to cultivate the life you want to lead and the communication skills to get there contact me today. I have a free consultation to create an individualized plan for your specific needs.

Dorothy Zevenbergen

Dorothy Zevenbergen, Cultivate Consulting Owner

We focus on helping clients design and build tomorrow’s organizations


Take a look at what our clients say.

Dorothy's servant leadership and belief in elevating people to reach their highest potential was evident to me from the moment we met. I was grateful to attend her Boundaries workshop; the abundance of tools and skills she shared reminded me of areas I need to improve, and allowed me to reframe what I already knew in new and fresh ways. Leadership development is at the core of Dorothy's professional and personal life.


Manny Martinez

Leadership Development, Productive Teams

Dorothy is such a storehouse of information and examples of how boundary-setting is essential, with practical ideas about how to apply and keep healthy boundaries in work and personal life. She is professional and approachable, structured and responsive.


Geralyn Peterson

Mental Health Therapist

Dorothy's boundary training and consulting was just what I needed for encouragement. It was great to have an accountability partner who asked intuitive questions. I always looked forward to our weekly meetings. She was joy to work with and I highly recommend it!


Kara Hooper

Web Designer, Digital Marketer

Dorothy and I are connected through a small business professional network. Through our conversations and group meetings I’ve found Dorothy to be passionate about providing tools to help others grow both personally and professionally. She practices active listening and has great insight into how to tackle various communication issues. I’ve found her to be down to earth, approachable, and easy to engage with. Part of building strong teams is having good communication amongst the team members. Dorothy offers great programs designed to remove barriers and build positive communication strategies.


Nanette Carvalho, PHR, SHRM-CP

Human Resources Consultant

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